How to Install a Defect Reporting Tool Yourself

Holger Kreis

January 3, 2024

In-depth insight into the Mark-a-Spot Drupal Docker setup

Mark-a-Spot is an open-source platform for monitoring citizen concerns and an Open311 server based on the Drupal content management system. The associated Github repository offers a Docker setup to make it easier to operate Mark-a-Spot.

First Steps

This guide will take you through setting up a local Mark-a-Spot project for development and testing purposes.


To begin the installation, you will need:

  • Docker: A platform for containerizing applications.
  • Docker Compose: A tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.

Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repository: The first step is to clone the repository and switch to the directory:
    git clone
    cd mark-a-spot
  2. Start Docker containers: The following command initializes the Docker containers and starts them in the background:
    docker-compose up -d
  3. Execute the start script: The script initializes the application. If there are permission issues, the script should be made executable with the command chmod a+x ./scripts/
    docker exec -it markaspot ./scripts/

    The script offers two options in addition to the choice of location and country:
    • -y: Automatic installation with predefined values (New York, USA)
    • -t: Imports translation files and activates the translation of terms.

After running the script, the application is accessible at http://localhost. Note that the script resets the database and initializes Mark-a-Spot from scratch. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the Drupal development process.

Docker Services

The Docker Compose setup includes:

  • web: The Nginx web server.
  • markaspot: The Mark-a-Spot Drupal application.
  • db: The MariaDB database.
  • phpmyadmin: PHPMyAdmin for database management.


The configuration of the Docker services can be adjusted in the docker-compose.yml file.


The Drupal application is accessible at http://localhost.

PHPMyAdmin for database management can be found at http://localhost:8080.

Development with Docksal

For local development, Docksal, a Docker-based development environment, is recommended.


  • Docksal
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose


Mark-a-Spot is under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version.